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Where's the IBM Lotus Collaboration Champion Program


Adam Garternberg blogged about a great new program IBM are starting "to recognize all of the people that spend their time and energy giving back to the community that has built up around IBM's data management products."   I have long argued that IBM has needed something along the lines of the very successful Microsoft MVP program, it looks like IBM is getting it.  It would be great to see something along these lines announced at/pre Lotusphere for the IBM Lotus Community as there are some great individuals out there that deserve to be recognised. One's that spring to mind for me for really helping the Lotus Community with code, blogs, podcasts etc. would be:

Nathan Freeman
Julian Robicheaux
Mikkel Heisterberg
Andre Guirard
Chris Miller
Bruce Elgort

There are others obviously who I believe deserve recognition, and writing a list like this is always going to get me in trouble with friends for not writing their name down.  Why not add the people you think should be recognised?

By the way, one blog that I really enjoy reading, and I swear this guy is some kind of genius, is Steve McDonagh.  I always find his blog entries very funny.


Gravatar Image1 - Carl...Yes, we need this!!! I hope to see Lotus rolling this out soon as well, as I'd love to see the people that contribute to the community be recognized. I talked about this on my blog awhile back { Link } and it definitely struck a nerve with people.

I'll bang on some doors from the inside...it would be cool if we could see the same thing at Lotusphere!

Gravatar Image2 - I think all areas in IBM should have this - absolutely. In case it came in after you saw my post, Ed left a comment along similar lines over there.

Gravatar Image3 - @1 Oops, I knew I forgot Chris on the list. If you've ever been around Paul Mooney and I when we've sat around for too long, you'll always hears us harping on about IBM doesn't get SMB and how IBM needs an MVP program Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - IBM executives walking away with millions and you people starving for little recognition.

Gravatar Image5 - @4 (Wassim) - wow, dude, way to harsh a mellow.

First, I doubt anyone here is "starving for a little recognition". Most people, at least in this community, tend to be fairly well-adjusted and happy with their lives - and their level of recognition. If not, they can always start a blog ;)

Second, what is the point of your post, other than to sound self-righteous and piss on other people? So what if the IBM execs make millions - they figured out a way to get to their respective positions, so more power to them! Remember, we all have the same opportunities to reach those levels, if we so choose, so I don't begrudge someone else making it - and earning the subsequent remuneration.

In fact, based on your bringing up the IBM execs, I would say that the only person who IS upset (or jealous?) of the IBM execs is... well... you.


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