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Netflix and Hulu streamed through your PlayStation 3


This morning I discovered a new Media Server that works with the PS3 - PlayOn.  PlayOn is currently in beta, and installs on your Windows PC, it then appears on the PlayStation as a media server.  Netflix currently has instant play capability on the XBOX, but is only rumoured to be bringing it to the PlayStation.  PlayOn solves that problem, in that it supports your Netflix instant queue, and also supports additional services such as HULU, ESPN, CBS and YouTube which means you now have a lot of movies and TV shows available on your TV through the PlayStation.  I already use the PlayStation to play streaming Divx movies from my PC, and this just gives me more options.  Well worth trying out if you have  PlayStation.

So right now my PlayStation is used for:
  • Playing Bluray DVDs
  • Playing DivX movies stored on my home PC
  • Playing my iTunes music collection (I store all my music as MP3s not that Apple format)
  • Showing slide shows, either from the Home PC, or direct from various memory cards.
  • Oh and sometimes I'll play a game on it.  Currently hooked on Sid Meirs civilization for PS3


Gravatar Image1 - Great post! I'll add this to the already long list of reasons why i want a PS3 to replace my current DVD player.

Gravatar Image2 - Well, that seemed to make sense until you didn't say Rock Band or Rock Band 2 for your current game ! Thanks for the info, will check this out when I return home.

Gravatar Image3 - @2 Still don't have Rock Band, scared I'd get too hooked. Plus, I can't be leaving that drum kit out all the time Emoticon

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