Does Notes call home?

Has anyone seen this?  I recently updated my installation of Malwarebytes, and it is now throwing up this warning every few hours:


Anyone else ever seen this?  I'm still using notes 8.5.3 for my day to day work.


The Domino Designer documentation team screwed us all

They did us all a disservice by not preparing us for the future.  They gave us too much useful information in the documentation.  Pretty much every function in the old Domino Designer Documentation gave an example for every function or method, so if you weren't  sure exactly how to use it, you'd look at the example and try it out and learn from it, you know, monkey see, monkey do, monkey learn.  Those days appear to be gone in the new IBM products.  I've been messing a great deal lately with the Connections APIs,  the atom feeds look simple enough, but you have to figure out the exact structure yourself, IBM could save developers hours if they just posted an example atom document with every single API call in the documentation, it can't be that hard can it? Surely the test scripts IBM use for testing Connections where they must post thousands of items through the ATOM APIs could be used as examples?

So thanks for nothing Domino Designer documentation team, you set our expectations levels so much higher than what everyone else provides you've made us complacent through making us too efficient at learning your functions and methods, this isn't how it is in the real world!


IBM SmartCloud Meetings aren't really that Smart.

Went to an IBM SmartCloud Sametime meeting today, via a URL that goes direct to the meeting, decided check my plugins etc. before going into the meeting.  I got presented with this dialog:

The thing about this dialog is it is totally uneeded, the meeting ID was passed as part of the URL, read the URL with a bit of Javascript IBM and redirect to the correct page automatically.  End users shouldn't be expected to figure this out, there's nothing "Smart" about this.

Also don't get me started about how unSmart Mac screensharing is on IBM SmartCloud.  Share a frame on a Mac and you can't click through to the app underneath.  This is basic expected behavior.