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IBM SmartCloud Meetings aren't really that Smart.

Went to an IBM SmartCloud Sametime meeting today, via a URL that goes direct to the meeting, decided check my plugins etc. before going into the meeting.  I got presented with this dialog:

The thing about this dialog is it is totally uneeded, the meeting ID was passed as part of the URL, read the URL with a bit of Javascript IBM and redirect to the correct page automatically.  End users shouldn't be expected to figure this out, there's nothing "Smart" about this.

Also don't get me started about how unSmart Mac screensharing is on IBM SmartCloud.  Share a frame on a Mac and you can't click through to the app underneath.  This is basic expected behavior.


Gravatar Image1 - I have not been able to successfully attend ANY meeitngs using the iPad across any of the three clients (meetings, sametime, smartcloud) at any time for any URL over any year

Gravatar Image2 - And then there are the countless examples of meetings/webinars by companies touting mobile as being importatnt, or actually about mobile stuff, only joinable on a desktop, not on a mobile device. #FAIL and so painfully lame....

Gravatar Image3 - Other meetings platforms have also prerequisites for running. For example, the first time you run a webex you need 25 minutes of preinstall some kind of software. It's a big true that the experiencie with ibm meetings is bad but it's not very far away from other experiencies (for example running a flash page without flash installed).
Anyway, I would like to know why Sametime 9 is still not installed or available at Lotus Greenhouse. Perhaps, IBM is annoyed because it's lotus domain ??Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - @Albert Sametime 9 IS available at Greenhouse: { Link }

Even with AV.
Also @Chris, what do you mean with not able to attend any Sametime 9 meeting with the iPad? I don't have any issues when attending a Smartcloud or onpremise Sametime 9 meeting with my iPad.

Gravatar Image5 - Indeed. WebEx = Cisco = bad voodoo.

The best experiences I've had is with Citric Gotomeeting. Audio works, pools work. Great stuff.

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