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21 years of using IBM and Lotus email systems

The day after my 40th birthday, I realized it had been exactly 21 years since I got my first email account.  It was if I remember rightly Tylerc2@NossVM6.  This was my IBM PROFS address and I was given it the day I started there.  This ID was my single signon to IBM systems, it gave me access to IBM forums (discussion databases) accessed all over the world by IBMers and my PROFS email.  An email system with out of office, group scheduling etc. that all worked just fine, it even had some viruses.  After PROFS I had a short stint using a test deployment of OfficeVision at IBM Hursley before leaving for Lotus and getting Lotus Notes 1.x for about 2 weeks before getting Notes 2 installed.  Since then I've always had a copy of Notes in use alongside at times a copy of Outlook or Outlook express.  So I was thinking what has kept me using Lotus Notes as email all this time?  For me it has been the Full Text Search, I am one of those email users that Admins hate.  I don't use folders, but I really know how to use search.  I can remember words or phrases used in emails from years ago so I can find them pretty easily, so folders just seem like an extra burden to me.  I don't actually use the inbox, I live in All Documents.  So if inbox is the performance killer that admins hate so much can I just get rid of it?


Gravatar Image1 - I'm about the same. I do use the inbox for handling new messages but the only folders I have are for my monthly clean up when I empty the inbox because I do find it faster if I keep it small. Using the FT search in All Documents is how I find things too.

I really don't understand why it is that people are so fond of so many folders. All I can offer there is that many admins prevent people from creating FT indexes and that folders are the only other option in its absence.

I also don't understand why admins prevent people from creating FT indexes. I know some will say it's for server performance but I say if they don't allow FT indexes they haven't sized their servers properly.

You know perfectly well you can just delete your inbox and that there were no folders at all before R4 Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - Been 21 years for me as well. The first company I worked for, back in Germany, had IBM 390or what those main frames were called and it had Office Vision or something else. Then in 1993 I started using Lotus Notes..was that 3.x? or 4.x? Turned around and started creating my own DBs, as we didn't have any Notes developers.

Year later I was part time Notes Admin there...and from then on off and on, more or less Notes Admin.... so, keep your Inbox tidy&slim! Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - 21 years for me as well, late August 1988... karlhenr@mictosoft.com was my address then. Emoticon { Link }

Gravatar Image4 - You youngster! My first email address was 31 years ago, before they even had domains! It was "49311b", and it worked only within my college's time-sharing system.

Gravatar Image5 - I may have my fist notes emails from 92 or so someplace on a cd still.
I was at Bankers Trust then.
Before that I had some compuserve and other bbs id's from 87 or so but long gone in memory of history.

Gravatar Image6 - Sometime in late 1978 or early 1979 for me on a Datapoint Arcnet EMS system. My ID was "NewbHen1" but it only took me a month or two to figure out how to alias it to "newbs".

Shortly after that.....Emoticon

Gravatar Image7 - Thumbs up for full-text search and local replicas.

Gravatar Image8 - Although I tend to be "admin" as much as developer, I'd rather my users enjoy their Notes experience. When I hear Notes sucks. It's not Notes, it's that the company is still using a heavily hacked 4.x or 5.x mail template, don't allow FT indexes because of drive space (more than the NIF), and purge their mail for a similar reason. Users just want to be able to get mail, send mail, and find mail messages.

I was a late arrival to e-mail. I got a Lotus Notes 2.x with my O/S 2. As I was the only one there wasn't anybody to collaborate with rest were DOS (only used network for shares and printing). I didn't get e-mail until later you had to manually prep the attachment and split it into chunks to send. The company had two locations and each location/entire office had one account.

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