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What if Microsoft developed Twitter


This is quite funny

Anybody want to do a What if IBM developed Twitter?


Gravatar Image1 - If IBM developed twitter....

Hmm, It would have to have something about needing to go through at least 5 pages before you can sign in and look at tweets. Provided you have a valid IBM ID that has been granted access to that resource and don't forget to update your profile.

Gravatar Image2 - Don't forget that it would be probably be named something like "IBM Lotus Twitter Enterprise Collaboration Client Express".


Gravatar Image3 - IBM would call it:
IBM Sametime Advanced Limited Edition
Limited by 140 characters of course

Gravatar Image4 - It would be a cross-platform "rich" client that you could download free with registration and it would have a @macro language.

Gravatar Image5 - oh...and a Java API circa 1999.

Gravatar Image6 - There would be two versions. One is based on Domino, and it installs in 5 minutes and just works. The other requires Websphere, DB2, and half of Tivoli's product suite in order to work, and it requires 6 consultants for 7 days to install. The incentives for IBM's sales force would heavily favor promoting the latter version.

Gravatar Image7 - To change your avatar, you would have to use Internet Explorer...

@ would be replaced by ^ because there would be to many reserved words

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