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This apple ad would have made a great Notes ad.

This is the advertisement on the back of Time Magazine a week or so ago.  It should have been a Notes advertisment.

Apple Advertisment

Now to work for Notes it would need the Notes Workspace to be updated from the one circa 1998, but imagine the same ad with the partner applications, or even better the Lotus Award winning applications as the call outs.  Even without an updated Workspace, they could still show Notes client with plug-ins around the sides, although that does look a little busy.

If IBM wants people to believe that Notes is more than e-mail, they need to tell people that don't have the product.  Do them as posters, send a few of  them to all your customers on maintenance, and every customer that didn't renew their maintenance, remind them what else Notes can do and about the 3rd party integration out there.  Most importantly, for Notes to survive I believe they need to make sure customers are using Notes for more than just e-mail.


Gravatar Image1 - Great idea Carl. The posters I've seen lately simply *list* the names and icons for the various Lotus products, but don't show any juicy detail that would actually get folks salivating.

Gravatar Image2 - I don't know about the "this should be a Notes ad". As much as Notes "could" do more than email, that's all it gets used for anymore. It's huge and overkill for just an email client.

I do know that the iPod Touch (and iPhone) are a phenomenal hand held PC. When I'm wandering around the house or office, it's the device I use to check weather, news, email, voice mail, control the TV and the internet radio, read blogs, and kill a few idle minutes with Sudoku.

Gravatar Image3 - So an updated workspace, maybe a client spamfilter and locally working mail rules, updated and new templates that make sense for single user installs, improved setup wizards and an out-of-office agent. And of course sync capabilities for all major handheld devices. Not sure what the integrated Sametime client can be connected to but that would probably be needed too. Multiple sender adresses and better import and export capabilites. And then support from more consumer AV companies to include Notes not only Outlook and Thunderbird. At the end you will probably have a new Lotus Notes.
And what about the price? Is 100+ $ acceptable? If you sell this at a lower price how will this work for existing customers? And how about Passport Advantage? I have products on Passport where IBM currently does not generate much money because their business process is not prepared for this kind of business.They send me a proposal letter, then an air mail letter with the invoice and they call me at least twice because I first try to auto-renew. If you bought several roducts you go through the same procedure every few months because IBM is not able to sync renew dates even if they are from the same Business Unit. I go through this procedure for Domino Express, Sametime, QuickR, Domino.Doc and Designer. This is no fun.
Still I like the idea of course.

Gravatar Image4 - @3 Consumer targeted email clients are dead. Unless they ship with the OS.

People are moving to online mail files. For years I used Outlook Express for my yahoo mail. For a couple of years now I have used the online web version, it's been perfectly adequate and free.

Gravatar Image5 - Well yes true maybe but for the iPod Touch / iPhone this is simple. You walk to the Apple store and try it out or one of your friends will have one. Now you see this Notes ad and show some interest. How do you try Notes?
True, I just mentioned mail improvements because on the app side the default Notes setup has not much to offer but the real value of Notes is hard to explain to new customers.

Gravatar Image6 - Funny you should say this. I've been thinking the same thing everytime I see one of Apple's TV ads with the 'There's an app for that' theme.

Of course, Apple has made the easy, cheap and accessible nature of apps for the iPhone a competitive differentiator. Doesn't seem there is such an easy way for Domino customers to find relevant business apps for Domino.

Gravatar Image7 -

Gravatar Image8 -

Gravatar Image9 - You could price it out and make it look like this ad, with the client price as the total.
But regular notes apps are not $1 or $2 which begs the question, who is writing CONSUMER Notes apps?
What do you or I do every day that we want or should have Notes do and we can resale, so to speak to other consumers?

Gravatar Image10 - Not sure abput advertising in Time Magazine, but it would be great to see Notes/Domino ad in some large international computer technology magazine. It could show blog, wiki, Quickr, Connections and similar applications. And IBM should provide hosted options with one-click setup for those who want to try those Domino applications. And a link to direct credit card purchase of Notes client. Partners should be able to submit their own applications to this pool of hosted applications. There are already several places where applications can be listed, but I am not aware of any where they can be tested live and then purchased for immediate hosting.

Gravatar Image11 - Ditto Carl. I'm guessing you've seen edbrill.com recently and this { Link } If not, there appears to be quite a groundswell around this topic.

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