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Since when has the OGS been about Press?

I've seen this comment in a few blog posts recently, and I have to ask, since when has the OGS been about Press?  People do realise that the press get 1 on 1 briefings at Connect, and they can be briefed throughout the year if they want to by making a simple phone call to IBM.  How about the customers that paid money to be at the event, shouldn't the whole show be about them?  Without customers, believe me, the press won't give you 2 minutes.  Personally I think Connects issue is that IBM doesn't know who the customer is, or what type of person is sitting in the audience.


Gravatar Image1 - Amen, we say amen

Gravatar Image2 - Have you read my mind ?

The Greenwell demo was the best possible "fake" but yet a story-telling suggestion not the real deal. I'm sure there are hundreds of IBM customers with better stories to tell. Bring them on stage please (as soon as IBM get know who those customers are).

Gravatar Image3 - The OGS is recorded so in one sense it's the press briefing that keeps on briefing. It will have a broader reach than the few 1:1's that can be accommodated during the conference.

We moan that IBM fails to get our favourite products the media coverage we'd like because they fail to invest in it. Does changing the focus of the OGS help and count as marketing I don't know.

From what I read they gave a separate briefing for Domino, is that the case.

In previous years I've struggled to sit through any OGS so to not have to go to another one isn't the end of the world for me.

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