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What you should really do and see at lotusph...oops IBM Connect

So you've all looked at the calendar, you've picked out some sessions, but lets face it, you want to do some fun stuff.  So here's the things I suggest:

Great Geek Challenge, this is one of the most fun events, think pub quiz (in other words there is alcohol), organized by the wonderful nerd girls and emceed by myself and Paul Mooney.  It fills up quickly and there is often a line as it's so much fun, so get there early, either with a team or without one if there's a seat you can take it.  This year I also have something fun planned for tie breakers, don't buzz in too soon.

Dolphindor - new this year, but looks like a great way to use your time having fun.  Do it as a group, turn it into a drinking game, have some fun.  This is totally the sort of idea I see others stealing at future shows.

Penumbra Ice Cream Social - it's an invite only event, so find a Penumbra memberand get an invite ticket.  Basically it's alcoholic milk shakes.

Epcot - Drink around the world.  Sure you need to buy a ticket to Epcot, but doing a pub crawl around every country in Epcot world can be a lot of fun if there are a few of you.  Basically partake in the local drink from each country.  It's convenient in that you can easily walk  to the Epcot entrance or get the free ferry from the dolphin and swan, so you can crawl back to your room.  Only thing that Disney seem to be very strict about is staying out of the fountains when you're drunk.  You probably shouldn't do this alone.

Kimonos - gets packed every night, always very popular as the night goes on.  Has alcohol. Helps if you don't have sensitive hearing or are tone death.

Duelling Pianos - Lots of fun, great bar, you can start here and finish in Kimonos when they throw you out.

And it goes without saying, the most fun on Tuesday afternoon can be had at session BP501 : Building and Deploying Custom IBM Sametime Connect Client Installations; Tue, 28/Jan 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM; Dolphin N. Hem D *No Acohol.

For those of you not attending, then IBM Connect Live (formerly LotusphereLive) will be running again for the opening session live blog.  You can drink if you want.  Everytime Chris or I say social, do a shot.

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