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Creating a customer service web application using Sametime

This article seemed to get published without even a squeak.  William Holmes and Brendan Murray of IBM Ireland have create a 3 piece article posted to the Sametime Wiki for building a customer service web application.


The first Sametime live help system I built was back in 2000 as an offering from a company called Virtual Village, and for me personally it's still my preferred method for contacting companies for assistance, and in recent years Epilio have built custom live help for customers, including custom mobile client integration working with the Sametime Proxy server., whcih we demonstrated during our session at IBM Connect earlier this year.

This is a good article, and includes sample code to get started.


Gravatar Image1 - How would the licensing work for the customer ? Every single one of them must be licensed ?

Gravatar Image2 - Pierre, I believe you'd need an extranet license or enough individual licenses to cover the number of active customers chats you believe you'd have.

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