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Fat man walking...all for a good cause.

It's time for you to reach into your pockets and sponsor me.  Perhaps you've used our free plug-ins, perhaps you've used our free Sametime admin tools, it's time to pay up.  Now it's not like that crazy sponsorship thing where all I had to do was shave my head and paint my face blue, this one actually involves some serious preparation and training. We managed to raise close to $3,000 dollars for the head shave, so really hoping people will delve deep for this effort to smash that amount.

In May along with a number of friends, I will be taking part in the Domino Dander for Dosh.  The hike will take place in May, and involves hiking from one side of Scotland* to the other along the Great Glen way, which is 80 miles over 4 days.  I will not be along, there is a team of us doing it.

It's all for a a very worthy cause and is the Children's Hospice Association Scotland, currently my donation page shows zero donations, which lets face it, is embarrassing.  So please please sponsor me, if you don't want to support the charity, just think of the pain I will be in after walking 80 miles in 4 days, and the pleasure you will get from knowing I am in such pain, surely that is worth something?

My individual sponsorship page is here:

You can find out more about the charity, our route and the team of hikers here:

Thank you for your support, every little bit helps.!

* All travel expenses are met by myself, no sponsorship money is used towards anything but the CHAS charity.

UPDATE: I have agreed with a friend, that if I raise more than 2k I will do the hike in a Kilt and Pith helmet.


Gravatar Image1 - I will be sponsoring you guys! Best of luck and take plenty of snaps along the way! Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - Thank you very much Abigail.

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