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Sametime 8.0 fixes already available


It always amazes me how IBM can release a product, and then one or two days later issue fixes for it.  Surely these fixes were known about 1-2 days ago?

Anyway, if you've upgraded your server to Sametime 8.0 you'll want these fixes:


Gravatar Image1 - We have all heard there is a "developers triangle" - features, quality, time - and when "features" and "time" become irrelevant fixed points, "quality" must give. It's been interesting that more and more products are released with the immediate follow-up of an update or fixpack.

It is a contributing factor to why customers do not trust major releases of software. Ultimately, it hurts the software company because customers delay buying *and* press news focuses on "issues" rather than "enhancements".

It's a short sighted business model.

Gravatar Image2 - We just updated the technote with a more accurate description of what is being addressed with this hotfix.

Both issues actually deal with limited exception cases, rather than general "server stability issues." We did carefully consider whether or not to hold the release to address these issues, but determined that they were such limited cases that it would not be in our customers' best interest to hold up the release to incorporate these fixes.

I've posted some additional details over on my blog: { Link }

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