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Thoughts on the iWatch

So a lot has been written about the iWatch, I have no doubt this thing will sell millions when it comes out,  I will not however be buying one anytime soon.

I haven't worn a watch since I got my first cell phone that had a clock in it.  I never found watches particularly comfortable to wear, with my wrist typically falling right on the edge of the desk when typing the watch strap would just eat away at the edge of the desk.  So lets assume I was to get an iWatch, what would make me wear one?

Well the first thing it would need to do, is not depend on having an iPhone.  If the phone was totally replaced by the watch, then I might wear one, but just having an additional device that duplicates functionality doesn't fly with me. I wonder if the rumored apple car will require an iPhone?

I'm the first to admit, that I'm not a big follower of fashion, but I don't see the iWatch as a fashion statement, if I want a watch as a fashion statement I'd be getting my childhood fantasy of a Breitling aviator, something that would still look great in 25 years, and if a Nephew was left it in a will I'm sure they'd appreciate it.  I don't see that happening with an iWatch, in 3 years the OS will be out of date, it will look large and clumsy, and no one will see it as something they want to inherit.

What do you think? Have you already put down your desposit?


Gravatar Image1 - No plans to get one, at least not the first generation. I backed the Kickstarter project for the Pebble watch and have had one for about two years now. I hadn't worn a watch for quite a while before that. It's quite good at what it does and the battery life is a week or more. I keep my phone in my pocket so it's handy to tell me who's calling, show me notifications, weather, etc. It is tethered to my phone but works as a watch even when the phone is far away. It's plastic, no sapphire screen or anything but it was also inexpensive even compared to the least expensive iWatch. And it works with iOS and Android.

Gravatar Image2 - I doubt I will buy one this time around for some of the same reasons you list. Eventually a wrist device will be the only thing you need plus an ear piece and I think that is Apple's long play and then I would be much more interested.

Gravatar Image3 - Yeah I'll buy a Breitling.

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