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Does everyone else disregard the Q-Tips warning?

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Today my box of Q-Tips ran out, I go through about two of these a year. I don't know about everyone else, but Q-Tips are like a little bit of heaven on earth. There is a point when you're using them, that well, just feels so damn good, go past that point though and it's the most painful thing in the world, so it's now a daily ritual I like doing, brush teeth, clean ear canal.

So during my lifetime I have basically purchased Q-Tips for either cleaning a tape head (probably done this 10 times in my life), or cleaning out my head, which is basically everyday, which brings me to the warning that is on every Q-Tip box:
Do not insert swab into ear canal. Use only on the outer surfaces of the ear. Keep out of reach of children.

So I ask you, what are these people thinking? Surely they know what we use them for, or am I the only one?

Hmm, could this blog have been considered over sharing?


Gravatar Image1 - Ok today I was cleaning my ears and pulled the generic Q-tip out and no cotton on end of it. Damn if it didn't fell off in there. I can feel it inside my ear and it is driving me nuts. I had my daugther look inside my ear but I think I pushed it too far up there trying to remove it. So off to the dr. I go tomorrow. I can't afford it but I do not want an ear infection or worse hearing loss. Hope I can sleep with it inside my ear. I learned my lesson and will not be using a generic Q-tip again. Don't wait to go in when this happens to you if is dangerous. If someone can't see it in your ear and use tweezers to remove it you can't leave it in there for days, weeks or worse months. I might not be able to pay rent on time, but I wont have to fork out money for antibiotics if I let it sit there.

Gravatar Image2 - I was just searching on the net to find out what to do about the tip of a Q tip being stuck in my ear. I found this blog and read all the posts from everyone else. So I guess I better go and have it removed because I can't imagine waiting until something yellow and nasty is coming out of there. Makes me wonder if I should keep using Q tips at all. But then again I'm 30 and this has never happened before so I guess that is good odds.

Gravatar Image3 - I found this article talking about ear candling:

Gravatar Image4 - everyone who got the cotton part of a Q-TIP stuck in their ear seems like they're atleast over 20. well im only 15 and this happend to me last night! like it happend before but i was always able to get it out. but this time it went really deep into my ears, and i can't get it out. i told my mom. at first she laughed at me, then tried to get it out but it was too deep in. so now i have to go to the doctors. but i was wondering if this is dangerous. i mean i know you lose a tiny bit of your hearing and stuff. so people...HELP!

Gravatar Image5 - Ok im freaking out, i lost the tip in my ear and its gone in deep and i have nothing to get it out with... uh i may have to go to the doctors....

Gravatar Image6 - Hold off for one to two weeks? What are you a Monk?

Holy cow, I'd be freaking out. Plus I'd probably get crabby with people, oh wait we're talking about ear cleaning...oops, got confused

Gravatar Image7 - hehe.. watchin my mom try to fish one out, as i type. The peroxide trick isnt working for her, however. Looks like this case will have to be solved by the doctor. For the records, this is no generic brand. Grade A Q-Tip, baby.

Gravatar Image8 - Well it happened to us too!
I did it on Friday last week. I can't believe it - I am 56 years old. But it was a generic q-tip, not the good expensive real ones. I have used Q-Tips for years and have never had a problem. My husband has done it and I have been able to get it out by pouring a capful of peroxide in his ear and waiting until it bubbles up and then get it out. So it can be done but you need help.

Gravatar Image9 - Yep, nasty buggers to use in your ear. DOc says to never jam them down, they just push the wax back and like Brina said, leave fibers behind.

Gravatar Image10 - OKAY PEOPLE -- this JUST happened to me and the first thing I did was run the computer! Seriously though, what a great resource.
So I used the hydrogen peroxide trick. Let the liquid stay in your ear until the cotton surfaces during the bubbling then you can almost pull it out with just your fingers. But don't let the peroxide drain out too fast or you'll lose it again...tried it a few times, then got the hang of it and no visit to the doctors office was necessary! Good luck!

Gravatar Image11 - Agh! Another q-tip victim here. Last time I buy those generic ones - that's for sure. The cotton tip is really lodged in there and when I try to get it out with a tweezers, I only end up pulling out my tiny little ear hairs. Tonight I'm going to try the H202 trick and see if that takes care of the problem. If not, I'm not sure what to do. I'm sort of living down in Argentina and I really want to avoid the hassle of going to the doctor.

Anyone else feel nauseous when this happened to them? I'm not sure if it is because my equilibrium is off or if I am just so worried that I'm making myself sick.

Gravatar Image12 - Yeah, I with you guys. I am glad to know that I am not alone! I was "scratching" my ears with my q-tip as I normally do b/c it feels soooo good....when I pulled the Q-tip out the cotton was stuck in my ear. I am 25...I drove to my parents house and after about 1/2 hour of my parents picking at my ear with tweezers we were finally able to get the cotton out. Do you think this deterred me from cleaning them this morning? I then came to work and surfed the internet to see if I was the only one who ever got the cotton stuck in their ear...guess not!

Gravatar Image13 - I just got a generic Q-tip stuck in my ears about 5 minutes ago, and I feel much better reading other people's experience. I'm going to the store to get peroxide. Hopefully, I won't need to go to the doctor.

Gravatar Image14 - When you clean your ears with Q-tips, small cotton fibers are left behind. That causes even more wax to buildup, and is basically why you shouldn't use 'em.

Gravatar Image15 - my husband got the cotton, from a generic cotton swab, stuck in his ear tonite.we went to the ER, and they got it out within seconds.they also gave him some medical tweesers.

Gravatar Image16 - I too am a victim to this surprise, put the q-tip in... cotton ball stayed in my ear. Then, I stuck back the q-tip [without the cotton] to fish it out but of course only made it worse because now I can't even see it with a flashlight! really worried right now, don't know what to do, looking all over for tweezers, running all around looking at the ceiling screaming help! help! help!!!!

Gravatar Image17 - "So Im wondering if this is water in my ear or if there really is cotton stuck in my ear."

So what happened?????? i have been searching for an hour all over the internet to find someone that this happened to, also, and then there's no more postings!! i have lost 3 tips in one ear (not in one day! ) and kept thinking i was crazy because you can't see them in there. where did they go???

Gravatar Image18 - THANK GOD FOR THIS PAGE This just happened to me about 15 minutes ago and I nearly panicked. I guess it says something bad that my first instinct was to search google for it happening to others and get advice. I managed to dig it out with another q-tip, and I am not sure if I got 100% of it, but just from looking at it the majority is certainly out. It still feels like there is something in there, but it really might be me imagining it at this point. When it first happened I freaked out and searched the ground looking for that little damn cotton ball. btw, this happened with generic q-tips.

Gravatar Image19 - I had an experience with the generic Q-tip falling off in my ear , we used the hydrogen peroxide as stated earlier in the blog and it worked , I went to the doctor to confirm it was out and all is well now . I must say one more thing nobody has mentioned, check the ends before inserting in your ear! I will from now on! and as mentioned in another post maybe dont use as frequently and not while ear canal is inflamed (cold, ear infection,etc)

Gravatar Image20 - Well, I have to disagree with the esteemed ear-wax-pusher enthusiasts. I think that, with proper technique, you can clean out ear wax in your ear without pushing it back in there. For instance, my brother-in-law had to have "impacted ear wax" removed from his ear a few years ago because he believed, as the naysayers here, that using Q-Tips to clean your ear canal was bad. I, OTOH, use Q-Tips to clean my ear canals about once every two weeks, and have NEVER had a problem at all, with my ears. My Internist says I do a good job too, because I asked him about it - since I got into this exact debate with the same bro-in-law awhile back

However, Carl, I do have some advice - as with all things, moderation is best. The ear wax in your ear is actually a good, helpful thing. I reduces the chance of ear infection by trapping bad things, coating the sensitive skin area in your ear, and much more. Therefore it is good to practice a bit of self-control and limit euphoric ear cleaning to once every two weeks or so.

Besides, waiting makes the payoff better

(Wow, I can't believe I just blogged this much about ear cleaning. I need to get a life...)

Rock (off to clean my ears )

Gravatar Image21 - I'm an ear cleaning junkie. If there is only one constant in my life it's that I will not use generic QTips. Call me a 'QTip snob' but the generic ones just don't do the job right when compared to the 'real' ones. Having read the horror stories about the cotton being stuck in the ear canals...well that just solidifies my resolve to stay away from the generics.

Gravatar Image22 - Well... I'll admit to being a daily user of q-tips. I did have to make one trip to the physician's office however, because of a combination of two factors. The first factor was a constricted ear canal, due to seasonal allergies causing a buildup of fluid in surrounding tissues. The second was a box of defective q-tips, in which the majority of the cotton tips did not adhere properly to the stick. The result was that the constricted ear canal "grabbed" the cotton tip and held it firmly, so that when I removed the q, the tip stayed in.<br><br>After the physician successfully used a pair of tweezers to extract the cotton from deep inside my ear canal, I asked her "aren't you going to yell at me for having stuck something in my ear", and she said "We see about the same number of ear problems in people who do as we do in people who don't, so just be a little more careful, especially when your allergies are acting up."


Gravatar Image23 - Glad i'm not the only one. Q-tip stuck in my ear. My roommate is laughing at me right now. I can't fish it out, although i tried a vacuum cleaner. That didn't work either. Looks like some people have used peroxide, but i'm worried about that damaging my ear drum. Oh well...guess i'll just become one with the Q-tip.

Gravatar Image24 - Hey Rich,

I had the same problem as you had. Except, i'm not sure if the cotton swab is still stuck inside my ear canal (may be to deep for someone to see). A couple of weeks ago in the process of disposing of the q-tip i noticed there was no cotton swab. So i rushed to my girlfriend and asked her to remove or check in my ear to see if any cotton was in there. After thouroughly checking my ear my girlfriend told me that there was no cotton noticable. So I assumed that i may may have over reacted and that the cotton must of fell off of the qtip and i didnt notice it. So here i am a couple of weeks ago with slight hearing loss in that same ear as of a week ago (the kind of ear loss you get when coming out a pool), It also seems like my ear is full of water cause when i insert a q-tip it always comes out damp as if my ear has water discharge. My ear is dicharging a light yellow wattery substance. So Im wondering if this is water in my ear or if there really is cotton stuck in my ear. I have an appointment with the doctor in a week but as for now if anyone can give me some feedback on this i would appreciate it thanks.

Gravatar Image25 - Yeah I got the end of the qtip stuck in my ear today and it's been bugging me for hours and hours but I just got a tweezer and pulled it right out of my ear, it only took me about ten seconds. Thank GOD it's out but now I'm afraid I'll have a huge ear infection...
never putting qtips in my ears again.

Gravatar Image26 - Thank you for the info on the use of Peroxide to get out a QTip swab (this time generic). It worked. I've always used HP to clean ears but never for this purpose. Wish I'd known when my cousin asked me to fish one out of her ears when at a family reunion and both of us were out of state. :)

BTW HP is also good for use in the mouth. I use to be told to dilute it a little but now they say you can use it alone as long as YOU DON'T SWALLOW IT. I take meds which cause gum problems so this has always been a standby for me. It gets into the irritated/swollen/infected areas and helps kill off bacteria without having to go to the dentist. Best of all it can prevent a problem before it occurs if gotten soon enough.
Thank you.

Gravatar Image27 - Same thing happened to me 2 hours ago, and thx to my mom, the cotton is removed. (Thx google for finding this blog)
The Q-tip isn't generic cheap one, I guess it happens to all brands.
Hope I won't be the last one.

Gravatar Image28 - Waaaaay too much detail

Gravatar Image29 - I went to the doctor because I kept hearing noise in my ear ... like the sound of pouring soda into a glass. Fizzing type sound. She looked in and saw cotton, evidently left over from a Q-tip. It actually hurt when she pulled it out because the fibers had stuck to my eardrum. However, she told me she didn't quite get it all and that she could still see little fibers back in there. And said for me to come back if it started to bother me again. Well, it's been about 3 weeks and my ear is hurting, so I guess I'll have to go back. I've been still using the Q-tips daily since my doctor visit, but now have realized it's not worth it. I think I've learned my lesson.

Gravatar Image30 - Well, I am glad I am not the only one this has happened to! I just got the tip of my generic Q-tip stuck in my ear. I started freaking out, once I pulled the thing out of my ear, and there was no cotton on it! My husband looked in my ear and couldn't see anything. UGH! But I know it's in there, I can feel it tickle my ear drum when I talk. He must think I am nuts! I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe I put it in my ear without the cotton on it... But HELLO, I think I would have noticed that. Now that I have read this, I am pretty sure it's in there, and I am not crazy!

Now how do I explain this to the doctor???!!!!

Gravatar Image32 - Huh???? I can't hear you Just joking

Q-tips are great...for eye make up touch ups, to cleaning ears, to nail polish touch ups...on and on and on...Couldn't live with out them!

As far as cleaning ears...I bet close to 100% of us use them for just that! Although I just heard a great way to get that nasty wax out of your ears...it's a method called ear candling. Ever heard of it? If not...check it out..


I haven't done this myself, but I know of people that have and swear by it!

Gravatar Image33 - We too have been putting brand-name Q-tips into our ears for thousands of years, and finally had one lose its head in there. The cotton was not visible externally, but could certainly be felt. After a few minutes of panic and planning to go to a doctor, etc., we found this thread on and the hydrogen peroxide answer. We didn't have hyderogen perox handy, but instead we had ear-drops (which contain hp and other good things for ears). We used about 15 drops, and could have used more. But the patient was able to reach into her own ear with tweezers, feeling carefully where she was reaching to, and in a few seconds pulled out the entire cotton wad. What a relief! Thanks for your advice.

Gravatar Image34 - This happened to me, I had cotton tip stuck in my ear since June and I saw two drs who said nothing was there. I was sure something was there this whole time, I felt it when I put a Q tip in puch against my ear drum, I could hear it even, also when I got out of the shower the water was like a suction in my ear. Well today I stuck in some tweezers and I pulled out the cotton tip that had been there since June, terrorizing me. I will never stick a Q tip in again! am glad to know I am not the only one to have this happen. thanks.

Gravatar Image35 - I am like many others who ran to the computer when I lost a q-tip (name brand) in my ear. My mother was right for telling me not to compulsively clean my ears every day and I of course will never let her know that this happened. I went to see the doctor and she used these extremeley thin, angled tweezers that worked like a charm.

Gravatar Image36 - thank you so SO much!! I lost the tip of a qtip (generic ) in my ear for the first time about 5 minutes ago... I promptly freaked out and then turned to google for help this blog entry and comments was so helpful and I used hydrogen peroxide-although I was hesitant to pour it in my ear-it totally worked because the cotton puffs up and then it was a cinch to pull it out with tweezers! not to mention that my ear feels super clean now

Gravatar Image37 - AHHH i just was cleaning my ears and the cotton bit dissaperED?!?!?! WHAT DO IDOOO?!?!

Gravatar Image38 - hey guys hydrogen peroxide is safe. My son's doctor taught me to use it to dislodge impeded wax in his ears. although she used half luke warm water and half hydrgen peroxide. you have to lay on your side and stay there untile the wax or cotton surfaces and have someone keep refilling the ear canal because as you lay there the water goes in and needs to keep adding more. It does fizzle as hydrogen peroxide does when it touches anything dirty. In my son's case after about 15 minutes or so we were able to get out a ball of wax that came to the surface. and it had nothing to do with q-tips just wax. good luck guys

Gravatar Image39 - This just happened to me this morning. I was using Q-Tip brand and got the cotton stuck. I freaked out and went to a neighbors house at 6 a.m. with a flashlite and tweezers - my friend was able to fish it out and then told me that they tell the kids at school that, "nothing smaller than your elbow goes in your ear." Words to live by!

Gravatar Image40 - To whoever suggested the peroxide, THANK YOU! My husband got the whole tip of a generic brand qtip stuck ALL the way back in his ear. You couldn't see any of it. I looked at this site and we decided to try the peroxide trick, hell it couldn't hurt right? Well we did it twice and the cotton just floated right on out of his ear. We were able to easily grab it with tweezers and saved ourselves a trip to the docs. Thanks so much!

Gravatar Image41 - I'm another of those people who cleans my ears religously, it's amost as good as sex (Too much info {-_-}) Sorry n.n;; Anyway, having the cotton come off is nothing new to me, happens at least once a week. Usually I can get i out though.

Tonight was different. I got it stuck in my ear a few hours ago and freaked. I called my fiancee and she gave me a few suggestions, the main one being go to the doctor. I got in the shower to flush it out but that didn't help. Then she suggested the peroxide thing but that didn't work either.

She was tire (it was 3 am) so I told her to go to bed so she told me not to play with it and went to bed. I tried for a while but it drove mew crazy. I tried the peroxide thing again and it kinda helped bu not enough. That's when I got fed up. I went into the bathroom and searched high and low until I found the tweezers. It was still in too deep si then I pinched my cheek and ear together behind where it felt like the cotton was stuck. It kinda hurt but it did push the cotton out enough that I could get it with the tweezers.

This was with the generic brand "Royal Cotton Swabs", but even the name brand has come off on me. I wish I could say I've learned my lesson but I'm not too bright so it'll probably happen again. Still it's nice to know I'm not the only one that stupid.

Gravatar Image42 - Well I cannot believe that I've found myself talking on internet about the cotton tip that fell off the tip and is now stuck in my ear. It happened about 2 1/2 hours ago and it's still there. I tried the HP trick, twice, and it did not work. My husband can see it but cannot grab it so it's off to the doctor for me and she will not be happy with me since she told me that q-tips were not good for the ears after I stuck one in too far 2 years ago and caused some bleeding. By the way, I'm 42 and this is the first time and hopefully the last.

Thanks for all the postings it really made me feel better!Emoticon

Gravatar Image43 - Okay, this just happened to me a few hours ago. And I DID go to the doctor, but she claims she doesn't see it in there! And I KNOW it is there! I'm not stupid! I know I put that (name brand) Q-tip in with cotton on the end, and pulled it out with NO COTTON! But this lady doctor is adamant that it is not in my ear! Egads! Now I'm going to try the peroxide trick. Hey, it can't hurt! And, for the record, I checked all over the bathroom floor, in my hair, etc. and cannot find that little cotton tip. I KNOW it is in my ear! That doctor must be blind! I will post back after I do the peroxide and let everyone know if it worked. And, for the record, I'm 40 and this has never happened to me either! And, like I said, these were name brand q-tips! Ugh!

Gravatar Image44 - Emoticon
It just happened awhile ago to me as well,
generic kind, stuck in my left ear, so went to CVS,
and had a the doctor look in my ear, she said she could not see it, but I have a feeling its still in there,
so right now im lying down after applying some HP in my ear, I pray it works as i dont have enough mulla for the doctors.
good luck to whoever this happens to,

Gravatar Image45 - This is what happened to me.

I got off the shower. Cleaned my ears with the q-tip. Pulled the q-tip out and oh no! Q-tip got stuck in my ear! Tried to dig it out, got EVEN WORSER. Went to the doctor, said that i got to meet with the ear doctor who has this special tool that would pull the cotton out. But the appointment's next week so I have to live with this cotton for a WHOLE 8 DAYS. Hope it isnt hard to sleep.


This blog made me feel betterEmoticon thank you

Gravatar Image46 - Emoticon

Gravatar Image47 - i guess i'm not alone Emoticon

Gravatar Image48 - I just got a the cotten piece from a q-tip stuck in my ear (second time this has happened) and i'm really nervous. i tried to get it out and couldn't. i think it only made it worse and i'm going to see a doctor.i'm never using q-tips again.Emoticon

Gravatar Image49 - This happened to me last night and went to see the doctor this morning. She said that she couldnt see anything in my ear but i can feel it in there. My ear was flushed and nothing came out. The doctor checked again after the flush and still saw nothing. She made me seem as if i was crazy but i can still feel the cotton tip in my ear. What else can i do??? Emoticon

Gravatar Image50 - WOW, this happend to me in the middle of the night when my ear was itching, so I grabbed real Q-tip (since I love using them as well)and pulled it out - no cotton. So was able to pull some cotton out however my hearing seems dampened. Tried using another Q-tip since panicked and may have lodged it further. Doesn't hurt or anything just feels plugged. Called the doc's office for an appt and the receptionist made it seem like it was a really bad thing. Luckily I got an appointment today...Hope he's able to get it out without damage Emoticon

Gravatar Image51 - 4:30am I woke up with an itchy ear so of course I went for the Q-tip, pulled it out and no tip on it.I tried with my pinky to get it out BAD IDEA drove it deeper in my ear. I feel sick,worried I guess. Im not taking any chances, Im going to the Dr in the morning. I know my mother and 4 little ones are gonna have a good laugh over this. As for me Im scared as hell. Not even trying the HP trick my luck that little bugger will swell up and press on my ear drum and cause some sort of damage (With My Luck That's What Would Happen). Im just happy to say I'm not the only one this has happened too..at 33 u think I would know better haha!!Emoticon Wish me luck!!and after this I will never buy generic Q-tip's again.

Gravatar Image52 - I use Q-Tips every morning after my shower. If I don't, my ears itch all day and drive me crazy. I can't STAND having any wax in my ears, as they just itch. I wanted to debunk ear candling, if anyone has clicked the links and gotten curious. I was going to suggest this for a friend of mine until I read it's a giant hoax! The build up you see inside the candle is from the CANDLE, not your ears. Using ear candles can actually add debris to your ear, and you risk having hot wax melt into your ear which will BURN you. Don't fall for it! I'm not recommending that you use Q-Tips (which I absolutely love and will use until I die), but I definitely suggest skipping the ear candles. It's just a fad, and they only sell them at New Age shops.

Gravatar Image53 - It just happened to meEmoticon I was doing my home(I'm a procrastinator so don judge me for the late our) work and my ear started itching so I went to get a q-tip to scratch...but when the litle cotton bud got stuck inside.

I freacked out and tried to pry it out wit another one (dumb idea) and it was pushed further inside. Then I did the thing that any selfaware computer geek would do ango googled and found this and other websitesn i assesed the situation, woke my parents?(I'm 17) and after a good scolding and laugh from my dad got them to twiz them damm thing out.

From now on no more q-tip probing for meEmoticon and I will stick to wax disolving fluid for cleaning.

Gravatar Image54 - I too have heard the dreaded crackle of a piece of cotton stuck in my hear canal. It has happened twice before both removed myself..I have found and this is even for those deep non visible pieces that ifyou take the end of the missing cotton qtip and make little notices in the end..like a makeshift brush and gently slowly rotate the brush in your ear til you hear it catch on the cotton andaftera combo of rotation and upulling it will come out

Gravatar Image55 - Nothing is as desperate as waking the whole house up with the vacuume cleaner hanging off your ear. Come on people! Put two and two together... lol

It doesn't work guys and it can be pretty dangerous aswel. Leaving it in for a prolonged period can cause nasty infections. See a doctor within 24 hours, or immediately if pain persists.

Gravatar Image56 - Okay yay this just made me feel so much better. I'm off to the Doc's tmr, since I have no idea where to get Hydrogen Peroxide. Ugh shouldn't have tried weird ways to get it out, (I tried flushing it out with water) but it's happened before and it's always been easy to get it out before this. I suspect I'm mildly hypochondriachal, but I am so afraid this will cause some permanent damage arghhh.

Gravatar Image57 - arrgh! It hapnd 2 me!

Gravatar Image58 - i went 2 two doctorz. Hu sed they cnt se anyfn. I got angry dus it look like im lynin.FUMING

Gravatar Image59 - this happened to me also, i went to emergency room because i could not get the q tip out. they look inside my ear for only a second and i really didn't feel she tried to help me. she treated it as if i was acting like a baby. this was in june. i am on my way back to emergency room because my whole left side of my head is in so much pain i can't see out of my left eye. the top of my head hurts to touch as well as the side. my throat feels as if i have an open sore in it because it burns the whole time. i am really disappointed in the er doctor. i sat in the er from 9pm to 7:30 am in june and i am in so much pain i have no choice but try it again.

Gravatar Image60 - I have just a little piece in my ear. can't see it or feel it .. but when i yawn I can hear it crackle.

Gravatar Image61 - Did anyone who went to the doctor NOT have insurance? I have waited 3 days to see if my body would push it out, like with splinters and nothing... But I do not have insurance. I was wondering the cost.
I feel so thankful so many of you have had this happen.

Gravatar Image62 - I'm so glad I found this! I love Q-tips, but I believe my love affair has ended. About a month ago I was itching a little too vigorously and ended up really irritating my ears. I had been sleeping with garlic oil and cotton balls in my ears until a piece of cotton got jammed into my right ear and I thought it had swelled shut. So I went to the doctor on Monday and he used the water "gun" to get the gunk out. A lot of stuff came out, but there is still a piece jammed in my ear and the water just pushed it further in. I was in the worst pain in my life (next to labor) for over 48 hours straight until the antibiotics kicked in. So it's Friday night and there's definitely still something in my ear. I tried digging it out with the blunt end of a bobby pin, and then tried peroxide for over 15 minutes and nothing. I suppose I'll head back to the doc on Monday.

...and I don't have insurance. So far I've spent:

$80.00 - Office Call
$37.00 - Ear Flushing
$148.00 - Ear drops
$40.00 - Generic Antibiotics

I'm prepared to spend at least another $100.00 when all is said and done. So be careful with the ear itching. I know it feels great at the time, but if you aren't careful it will cost you BIG, not to mention the excruciating pain of an infection!

Gravatar Image63 - Don't use qtips or any other cotton tiped applicator. Read the box as in the original post. You scratch your ear canal, which makes it itch, so you use a Qtip which scratches it more. Eventually you could get an infection. And usually it just pushes most of the wax further in eventually making a hard clumb up against the eardrum. The wax is there for a reason, just let it be!

Gravatar Image64 - i just got cotton stuck in my ear from a sucky generic qtip. I tried to fish it out with the stick and it pushed it so far back that my spouse couldnt even see it!!! I was freaking out so bad...then on another site, someone said to grab a toothpick and bite off the sharp part and chip it into a brush. then gently put it up the ear and gently twirl as the brush parts will catch the fibers. Had it out within five minutes!!!

Gravatar Image65 - My mother got the end of a Q-Tip stuck in her ear. She keeps on making me look into her ear to see if I notice anything. I don't mind trying to help but she doesn't understand that I am not a doctor! I told her to stop messing with it and visit her doctor but do you think she listens, NO. She has been flushing her ear out and putting tweezers down what I'm guessing is the canal. It has been almost two days and now she is complaining of hearing loss. She won't listen to me so maybe hearing from someone else that she needs to go to the doctors will persuade her. HELP!!!!!!!

Gravatar Image66 - 2 days ago when I was cleaning my ears the cotton swab of a q tip got stuck in my right ear. I am 30 years old, been using q tips for cleaning my ears my whole life and this had never happened to me. I asked a friend to look inside my ear to see if she could see the cotton and she said no so I figured I must have pushed it in pretty deep. I was all freaked out cause my hearing in that ear was all messed up.It was also hard sleeping with it in my ear. I was just all stressed and worried that I was not going to be able to get it out. I went to the Urgent Care Clinic and luckily they were able to get it out. It was really stubborn and for a minute there the doctor said I might have to go to ENT to get it out.He said something they'd have to use a microscrope. Thankfully I don't have to do that. I don't have insurance. It cost me 80 bucks but it would have cost me a lot more if I would have had to go to ENT. Don't use q tips people if you want to risk losing your hearing! It is not worth it!

Gravatar Image67 - Wow, like a few other people said thank all of you guys, seriously. I got the end of a cheap q-tip stuck in my ear in the morning. I tried using a pair of tweezers, then those plastic sticks doctors use to clear out earwax, then a pair of forceps, but NOTHING WORKED. It felt like a slightly painful pressure in my ear the whole day and I was going crazy here until i came across this blog and tried the hydrogen peroxide trick. I lied down on my side, put the HP in my ear w/ a dropper and waited about 3-5 minutes before i stood up. When I drained it, i used tweezers again to coax it out and the little piece o crap came out no problem! Emoticon

Seriously, this is the last time i ever use a q-tip again. EVER

Gravatar Image68 - Soooo...I too used the generic & got it stuck very deep in my ear. Glad I read this blog before going to the Dr. because I poured a capful of hp in my ear it bubbled up- my fiancée didn't see anything. He poured 2 more capfuls in & he saw the cotton we pulled it right out! Hp seemed to swell the cotton up & bring it to the surface! It works! That cotton has been stuck in my ear for 3 days- I'm relieved its out! Thanks

Gravatar Image69 - well just about 20 minutes ago i was using a Q-Tip Brandname cotton swab to clean the very entrance on my ear and i am not sure wether its stuck in there or not. theres a tiny ball of it on my desk but the rest is gone. ive been having problems with my ears for a few days now i think i have a ear infection and have been using the carbamide peroxide drops and was attempting to get out the excess wax that is draining from my ear. my first instinct was to check online for my insurance just got cut at the begining of this month and dont have 100-300$ for a doctors or hospital visit. how long would i be able to wait before going? ive already lost about 50% of my hearing in that ear from previous injury. btw im 17. glad theres people alot older than i am that this has happened to. i dont feel so dumb anymore.

Gravatar Image70 - They got me!! I have a QTip tip stuck in my ear!!! I am freaking out!!!!! the suckion attachment on my vacume was not helpful at all.

Gravatar Image71 - Haha, I am SO GLAD I'm not the only person this has happened to!!! A few hours ago, I was trying to relieve an itch, so(like every person who's smarter than the doctors) I inserted a Qtip inside my ear and poked to my hearts content(. However, when I pulled out the Qtip, I was mortified to find that the tip was gone!!! I wasn't sure if I should laugh(because this would happen to me and is something I was always paranoid about already) or cry(because I should have trusted my paranoia), so I did both. Then I tried to get it out with another Qtip...only pushed it further in...so then I got my sister to look at it and she said she could see it, so if I could just get her some tweezers she could...push it even FURTHER back in!! I guess I'm gonna try the peroxide method in the morning, and go to the doctor if it doesn't work...haha, I can feel it in my ear-but I can't see it. And my hearing's fine(so far).

Gravatar Image72 - Haha, I am SO GLAD I'm not the only person this has happened to!!! A few hours ago, I was trying to relieve an itch, so(like every person who's smarter than the doctors) I inserted a Qtip inside my ear and poked to my hearts content(. However, when I pulled out the Qtip, I was mortified to find that the tip was gone!!! I wasn't sure if I should laugh(because this would happen to me and is something I was always paranoid about already) or cry(because I should have trusted my paranoia), so I did both. Then I tried to get it out with another Qtip...only pushed it further in...so then I got my sister to look at it and she said she could see it, so if I could just get her some tweezers she could...push it even FURTHER back in!! I guess I'm gonna try the peroxide method in the morning, and go to the doctor if it doesn't work...haha, I can feel it in my ear-but I can't see it. And my hearing's fine(so far).

Gravatar Image73 - Haha, I am SO GLAD I'm not the only person this has happened to!!! A few hours ago, I was trying to relieve an itch, so(like every person who's smarter than the doctors) I inserted a Qtip inside my ear and poked to my hearts content(. However, when I pulled out the Qtip, I was mortified to find that the tip was gone!!! I wasn't sure if I should laugh(because this would happen to me and is something I was always paranoid about already) or cry(because I should have trusted my paranoia), so I did both. Then I tried to get it out with another Qtip...only pushed it further in...so then I got my sister to look at it and she said she could see it, so if I could just get her some tweezers she could...push it even FURTHER back in!! I guess I'm gonna try the peroxide method in the morning, and go to the doctor if it doesn't work...haha, I can feel it in my ear-but I can't see it. And my hearing's fine(so far).

Gravatar Image74 - I have a qtip stuck in my ear for 2 months. Been to my gp,checked and said nothings there,he tried syringing but it hurt badly. A month later still with pain, I went to an ent specialist after checking he says there's nothing there, he can see the eardrum but I still feel it's in there somewhere because I haven't taken it out and I have pain and hearing loss. What do I do?can they be wrong by any chance

Gravatar Image75 - I got cotton stuck in my ear while cleaning it and could not get it out , every time I tried, it went deeper. It was stuck in their for about a week , I went to Doctor and they told me just to look at it , it would cost $145.00 for exam and to take it out would be more. I currently have no Insurance so I decided to look on line and found this site , I tried the peroxide like everyone suggested and left in in for a couple of minutes , to my surprise it loosened up from ear canal and my son was able to grab it with a tweezers.. Praise God!! Very grateful for the invention of peroxide , Thank you Jesus...

Gravatar Image76 - I'm also a dummie. Yup I use qtips. Yes its stuck in my ear. Saw 2 doctors now, and they cant see it. But I have an ear infection ans sinus infection. Been on antibiotics for a week and it isn't helping. Going to doc again tomorrow. I see all these posts but no results or outcomes of what happened to anyone after the fact. Don't use qtips!!!

Gravatar Image77 - I had a q-tip cotton swab stuck in my ear and the hydrogen peroxide really works to get it out. My husband poured a capful of 3% peroxide diluted with a little water and kept my face tilted up towards the ceiling and let it bubble in there. The swab bubbled up and was able to get it out with tweezers.

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