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IBM Connect 2013 Slides and flying

Here are the slides that William Holmes and I presented at IBM Connect 2013 for session AD109.

This is the sample file I showed for having a button appear if a user, or number of users are online or offline (right click on link and choose save as).

Other sample files are in this zipfile  (right click on link and choose save as).
AD109 Sample Files.zip

Other Connect 2013 stuff.
As many know, I decided to fly myself down to Orlando this year.  So I left with a temperature of -5F/-20C and landed the next day to temperatures of 75F/24C, Quite a change, the engine was actually configured for the colder temperatures, so started to run a little hot by the time we were in Florida.  Total time to fly down was 10.6 hours, with two stops, one in Virginia and one in Marion, South Carolina.  Total Miles travelled was 1226 Miles.  Skyvector Route

On Thursday afternoon, I flew down to a friends in Naples from Orlando, and started the long flight back on Friday morning, for arrival in New Hampshire Saturday afternoon., with a stop over in Marshfield, MA to drop off my friend who flew back with me.   So with the extra miles down to Naples, the return flight was 1,572 miles in 14 hours.  Skyvector Route

We flew the VFR corridor up the Hudson River coming back, and the weather was beautiful as can be seen in this video.


Gravatar Image1 - Hi,

I went to your session (AD109) and I learned a lot from it! Emoticon

I asked about how to solve the cross domain issues. It would not be a problem when using a tunnel. But trying your script on a local development server connecting to our sametime server, using a tunnel.html does result in cross domain errors. Emoticon

Do I have to configure the Sametime server to allow cross domain requests?


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