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The IBM sametime proxy example 7, embeded chat option not working for you?

So this is a pretty simple issue to see, and a simple issue to resolve, but you could easily take hours trying to figure it out. The IBM Sametime Proxy SDK ships with an example for embedding a Sametime chat window in a web page (Example 7), many of you (me included) may try this and find that indeed the chat is embedded, but as soon as the other user responds, it opens up a new chat window.  Anyway, the solution is simple, use the Canonical name for the user in the HTML.  This video explains it and shows it in action.


Gravatar Image1 - Hi Carl, thanks for sharing.

I am stuck at an earlier stage. How can I embedd a html file on a WAS Server e.g. Sametime Proxy? I dont want to setup a IHS or something like that. I just want to run everything on the same server.

Gravatar Image2 - Hi Carl,

What version of Sametime Proxy are you running this against? I ask because I tried this solution but it still pops up the new window. I'm running 8.5.2 IFR1.



Gravatar Image3 - Hi Michael

I did this with 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 and 8.5.2 IFR1.


Gravatar Image4 - Hi Carl,

Thanks, I did get it to work however I had to use the format "CN=Sametime User1,O=Demo". I'm using ldap so I'm assuming that you were just using the Domino Directory to authenticate against which is the difference between using a slash, vs the comma. But I may be wrong.

Thanks again,


Gravatar Image5 - That's right Michael, you'll need to use the right format for your directory.

Gravatar Image6 - Will you please make the Sametime Proxy demo database in the video available to upload?

Gravatar Image8 - I got an ReferenceError "sametime is not defined" while creating the Chat Object:

chatModel = stproxy.getChatModel("marcus.loy@como-solution.de",chatArgs);
// Create a new chat using the model
-> chat = new sametime.Chat({model: chatModel},document.createElement("div"));

I'm using the sametime proxy of greenhouse.lotus.com for testing

Anybody an idea? All other examples which i tried are working fine


Gravatar Image9 - Hello.
Can u answer pls - is it possible to make avalable the offline messaging service for mobile and web clients with this tool?

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