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My UKLUG slides are posted.


First let me say, fantastic work by the UKLUG organizers and crazy hard workers.  They did a fantastic job again.  Great location, great sponsors and great organization.  If you wanted someone to organize a pissup in a Nunnery I'm sure these guys could do it  

This was the first time I gave this session, a few things were clear to me, first I had way more than an hours content, so I only showed about a quarter to half of what I really would have liked to.  Secondly I very rarely use my laptop as was evident at the beginning of the presentation.  Where my screen was mirrored to the projector, but the video was only showing on mine, so must figure that out if I line up any more presentations.  Thirdly, it's hard to say how this session can really fit into a LUG, I think it was funny and somewhat educational and maybe showed a couple of things many people didn't know, but it's a strange session, that doesn't really fall nicely into any of the slots, I had submitted it to Lotusphere but it didn't get selected and I'm sure that (and me presenting it) is probably most of the reason it didn't get a look in.  it's probably a session that would be best suited to a room with a beer tap and peanuts.  I don't know though, so I look forward to reading peopls evals.  Oh also, I forget how much effort it takes to creating slides, and these were a little more awkward than usual as I updated the smartmaster (stylesheet) as it changed throughout the years.  So apologies that I was hardly seen at UKLUG on Monday, or Monday evening, I wasn't ignoring you, I was getting my slides completed and my VMs working on my laptop.

Anyway, the slides are posted, but I'll be up front, without me presenting them they will probably appear very strange and look like some kind of ego trip, as the session was really as much about the stories surrounding the slides as it was the slides themselves, and the slides can't really do justice to notion of me in a superman costume can they?

You can download them here: http://epil.io/uklug2011

Again thanks to the team for doing such a great event, and also for giving me the opportunity to present on something where I didn't mention Sametime once!


Gravatar Image1 - I'd like to see them, did I miss the user id and password?

Gravatar Image2 - Thank you for this great presentation!! Enjoyed it very much.

Gravatar Image3 - By the way, the download does not work for me. Leads me to the YOURLS login site ...

Gravatar Image4 - Thanks, the link has been fixed

Gravatar Image5 - The links to the videos inside the presentation are very hard to use, have to retype them in a browser window...

Gravatar Image6 - Thanks Lars, updated the links so clickable.

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