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Sametime Proxy

So recently I've been doing quite a bit of work with the Sametime Proxy, one of the new server components that shipped with Sametime 8.5.  At a high level the Sametime Proxy offers an AJAX based Sametime Client for web browsers, and a web based client for the iPhone.  I have to say, IBM did a really good job with the Sametime Proxy.  Sure I hate that it's running on Websphere and you have to learn new stuff to manage that, and that IBM couldn't fix the shortcomings in Domino to allow IBM to build it on Domino, but apart from that the Sametime Proxy is a really elegant solution.  They architected the toolkit the right way, they built the solution using the toolkit, the SDK documentation isn't even too bad.  It works with older Sametime Community servers, and you can bypass installing DB2 and System Console to use it.

The toolkit is very rich, with many of the Sametime Web Client components exposed as DOJO widgets, which can be used independently within web pages etc.  If you want to build your own client, or use the Toolkit from other apps, you can too, using the javascript layer, or by speaking directly to the Sametime Proxy RESTfil interface.

In the next few weeks I'll post quite a bit more about how you can use the Sametime Proxy, with example code and videos.  So if you want to follow along, get that ST Proxy server installed.  Do I need to cover how to do that?

Anyway, IBM did a good job on this server, a couple of things missing like Sametime places support, but overall, this is a great upgrade from Sametime Links.


Gravatar Image1 - Hi Carl,

So how far is it from the standard stick the "disk" in and run the ./install.sh? I hadn't tried ST Proxy yet.

Typically Websphere requires consultant, whereas Domino upgrades typically don't.

Either way, your post is quite encouraging on the process.


Gravatar Image2 - So how do you bypass installing SSC and DB2 to use the Proxy functions?

Gravatar Image3 - @3 Very simple. Just start installing the Proxy server (without installing DB2 or SSC)and you will eventually get to a screen that asks if you want to install using system console, it's not obvious, but on one of these screens you can say not to install using a system console, and will then prompt for Sametime community to connect to. Be sure the Proxy servers IP is in the trusted IPs of the Community server.

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