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Blueman at Lotusphere...it's up to you.


Foolishly I said in a blog comment the other day in response to requests that I appear as a blueman at Lotusphere:

I'll do a deal with you, if you guys raise $3000 for charity I'll shave my head again and do Gurupalooza as a Blueman.

Now I really intended this as a quick off the cuff comment and I really should learn to shut my mouth.  First why did I say Gurupalooza and not one of my sessions, well I think doing it in my session would be inappropriate, whereas Gurupalooza is quite casual and laid back so would fit into that ok without snubbing anyone.  Secondly, Chris Miller read the comment (damn him), and has now setup a page where people can donate to a worthy cause MO FEAT.  Not someone to go back on my word, I will indeed do Gurupalooza as a Blueman if you guys raise $3000.  I feel bad that this isn't really a challenge in the way that Yancy Lent's cycle ride was, but if you really do want to see it, then let's make it worthwhile for someone in the process.  Hopefully I'll have some hair grown back by then to shave off, although as I sit here in Panera because of the snow storm and no electric, it does feel like it is growing back pretty quickly.  Oh not having any hair, when you can't take a shower I have decided is a really really good thing.


Gravatar Image1 - Haha - excellent - Donation is done Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - donation made - let's here it for the bald guys out there! Emoticon

Gravatar Image3 - Donation in from Bilal ;)

Gravatar Image4 - $640 raised in 24 hours... I think with a little more publicity, $3K is definitely do-able by Lotusphere! Emoticon

Gravatar Image5 - I imagine the charities are lining up to get involved in this. While Mo FEAT is an outstanding cause, it is not enough. Add to it an even broader, more multi-cultural charity and my bet is you will be bluer sooner. I highly recommend(and run) www.childrenslibrary.org. <>tim

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