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Bob Edwards: Stories from Third Med, Surviving a Jungle ER


This morning driving to a customer site, the Bob Edwards show was on, the show was "Stories from Third Med, Surviving a Jungle ER".  This was a great piece about the Third Med in Vietnam. It has some very moving interviews. I highly recommend it for any adult to listen to if they get the time.

The Navy’s Third Medical Battalion was assigned to treat the Marine’s Third Division in the Northernmost part of South Vietnam, closest to enemy territory during one of our nation’s deadliest wars. The battalion treated thousands of men in Vietnam, but those stories have never been recorded for broadcast. Bob Edwards Show producer Ariana Pekary attended the 40th Anniversary Reunion of the Third Medical Battalion in Charleston, South Carolina on May 2nd and 3rd, 2008 to capture the stories and the spirit of these unsung heroes.

With the terrible media coverage of the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq, we often forget how brutal and horrid war is.  This show won't let you forget.


Gravatar Image1 - War now is a lot worse than 40 years ago for the civilian population because of the massive firepower and accuracy of weapons.

Gravatar Image2 - My Marine Husband was one of the ambulance drivers that met the choppers carrying the dead and wounded everyday.

The wounded he would take to triage - and then return to take the heads, toros, arms, legs and feet to "graves registration and then transport these remains to landing strip to take these "honorable men" back to the us.

I want a copy of Bob Edwards 3rd Medica Battion, 3rd Marine Division reunion - but I have been unable to obtain it -

I want this for our children.

Please help.

Gravatar Image3 - Looks like a POD cast of this is no longer available Emoticon

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