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Free Sametime Wallpaper plug-in


Would you like to add a picture to the background of your Sametime Connect client contact list?  Now you can, with our free plug-in for Sametime.  Over the coming weeks we'll release more free plug-ins.  Most of them are things I find useful or one of the developers had an idea for.  Often we'll learn something from developing the plug-ins we can apply to other projects, so whilst they are not full blown applications I would charge for, they can be useful tools and utilities.  You can expect in the next few days to see a calculator, Vonage phone dialer and a cool meeting plug-in.

If you want to install the Wallpaper plug-in, it requires Sametime 8.0 and later and you can download it from here http://www.epilio.com/web/wallpaper.htm

Once you've installed the plug-in, choose File, Preferences, Wallpaper and set the image you want to use as your backdrop. Enjoy. Compliments the Epilio developers.

Sameitme Wallpaper


Gravatar Image1 - That's a nice plugin, I got only a problem with it, the background is only displayed beneath the group names. Emoticon

Gravatar Image2 - Hi Carl,

nice plugin, does this also work with the 8.5 notes beta1 client and its internal sametime client?


Gravatar Image3 - @1 Not sure I understand what you mean, the picture above is my Sametime client. Which client are you using?

@2 Great question. I'm not on the Notes 8.5 beta so don't honestly know. If it's backwards compatible should be fine, but this then goes to my last blog item Emoticon

Gravatar Image4 - Cool, but one problem. My graphics ONLY show up in the tiled option.
ST 8.0 client.

Gravatar Image5 - @4 Keith I think that could be a Sametime 8.0 issue. Your preferences page should look like this:
{ Link }

I must admit I didn't test this build with 8.0 vs 8.0.1

The tile option should be hidden, because it was always needed (I guess not hidden in 8.0). Turns out there wasn't a method to not tile it.

Thanks for letting me know.

Gravatar Image6 - I have a different optiojn on the screen it shows this:

checkbox Enable image as buddy-list background (tiled)

Don't want it tiled, but that seems to be the only way it works bummer.
Is there perhaps a size which a graphioc must be to stand alone in the view?


My fault, should grab an 801 from a client I did.

Gravatar Image7 - One other thing, can you get me this in a feature zip file so I can add it to our site update? Users cannot add it with our policies

Gravatar Image8 - I don't even use Sametime. But can I just say? Cutest. Wallpaper. Ever. Emoticon

Gravatar Image9 - I installed it to my integrated Sametime client from my Notes 8.0.1 install, works great, but then I tried to add it to my Sametime Connect client, and it tells me there are no plug-ins available from your site... think it already knows I added to the Notes client?

Gravatar Image10 - Works fine in the Notes 8.0.1 client!

Gravatar Image11 - Carl, I'm using Sametime Connect 8.0.1
after applying the background it looks like this:

{ Link }

Gravatar Image12 - Doesn't work in 8.5 Beta 1 ... sniff Emoticon

Gravatar Image13 - @11 What Operating system are you using? Is it Windows XP with a Windows 2000 Style? Can you send me the image you used?

@12 Great to see IBM continuing the trend of backwards compatibility for Sametime plug-ins, urgh.

Gravatar Image14 - Installed and tested with ST801 and Notes802b2. Only one request - if the PNG has a transparent background, it defaults to black. Given ST's font colors, it would be great if it defaulted to white. It's great to see a BP developing plug-in skills ! THANKS!!!!

Gravatar Image15 - Works fine with Notes 8.5 beta1

Don't forget to check the box!

Gravatar Image16 - Will it work on SameTime 7.5.1 client?

Gravatar Image17 - Very nice indeed. Have it running in 8.0.1. Cannot beat your photo though! This will be in every Sametime demo from now on!

Can't wait for the Vonage dialer also. Will I need a particular Vonage service level to use it?


Gravatar Image18 - Use this plugin for advertisement. This one can be sold to dog collar makers.

Gravatar Image19 - Sad question but...

When I click the link I see code...
What must I do with this?

Like I said SAD QUESTION..


Gravatar Image20 - @19 Not so stupid.

It is a Sametime Update site. So you need to point your Sametime Connect client at it.

1. Choose, Tools, Plug-ins, Install Plug-ins
2. Select "Search for new features to install"
3. Click "Add Remote Location"
4. Type in a descriptive name, example "Epilio Update Site"
5. Enter the URL: { Link }
6. Click Finish
7. Select the feature you wish to install, in this case Wallpaper feature 1.0.0
8. Click Next, and when prompted restart the Sametime Client.

Gravatar Image21 - Response

I am using client 8.0.1
Server is 8.0.

I do not see the function of tools plugins...
Neither within the ST client nor the email client (both of which are together)
ANy suggestions?

Gravatar Image22 - @21, it could be your company doesn't allow plug-ins though a Sametime policy setting.

Gravatar Image23 - I'm using Vista, and a shell replacment (Aston). The following image i'm using: { Link }

Gravatar Image24 - @23 OK I tried the Image here and it was fine. I will have to try and find the other Vista user Emoticon

Gravatar Image25 - I'm using an interim build of Notes 8.5 and the plug-in works. I'll be sharing this at customer briefings next week.

Gravatar Image26 - This works great! Also, the Vonage plugin runs beautifully. Just trying to see if there's a way to change the font of contacts and groups (seems to be blended into the image). Thoughts?

Gravatar Image27 - @26 - You know, I think the colors in the Sametime Contacts window are hard coded somewhere. I can't find anywhere documented to change them. I tried changing the Windows palette but no changes.

Gravatar Image28 - I am able to to the Tools Plug-ins options but when I click the finish button I get the following error. Does this have something to do with policy settings?

Network connection problems encountered during search.
Unable to access
"{ Link }
Error parsing site stream. [The XML stream is not a valid default "site.xml" file. The root tag is not site.]
Error parsing site stream. [The XML stream is not a valid default "site.xml" file. The root tag is not site.]

Gravatar Image29 - @28 What Sametime Client version are you running?

Are you behind a firewall?

Can you open { Link } in a browser?

Are there any other update sites listed?

Gravatar Image30 - Sametime 8.0

I am behind a firewall. Not sure if it makes a difference but I am able to log in to the Bleedyellow st server

I can open the site in a browser

No other update sites are listed.

Gravatar Image31 - Hi Carl,

Installed the plugin under Xp and that is ok. Think the problem is Vista? Anyone else using vista?

Gravatar Image32 - Hi all,
installation works fine on 8.5 beta. But how to uninstall?
Files > Applications > Uninstall Application won't work


Gravatar Image33 - Nice Wallpaper, its work for in my Samteime 8.0.1 but how about plugins to put as background in the chat window?

Gravatar Image34 - The link is broken.....Emoticon

Were can i get it?

Gravatar Image35 - @34 the link is fine. Do you receive an error?

Gravatar Image36 - can u pls forward me procedure ?

Gravatar Image37 - @36 The procedures for what? The instructions are here in the comments.

Gravatar Image38 - Hi carl tyler , it seems strange but i tried this in my setup since last 20 days and but i fails. would you pls help me out from scratch..my id is rushimandani@gmail.com.

Gravatar Image39 - I tried a lot by creating a plug-in in my setup instead of using yours and want to deploy in my domain without proxy connection. can i upload any picture file ?

Gravatar Image40 - @38/39

To help Rushi, I need to know more information:

1. Operating System in use
2. Sametime Connect Client Version
3. The exact problem you are seeing
4. Do you get the plugin installed?
5. Do you get the Wallpaper Preferences panel appear?
6. Do you receive an error?


Gravatar Image41 - OS : Win XP
IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client : 7.5

If i use your site.xml file as a url in my client with proxy connection to install plug-in it works till the end but gives error at the end while i browse any picture(png or jpg or gif files)

second issue is i dont want to use your site.xml file instead i want to create my own plug-in in my domain so i can enforce my users to install it by putting in my sametime server by policy without proxy connection. and nowadays very much aware about pdf files that guide me for creating and deplying plugins. i did sample plugins also.

for troubleshooting can i try like a branding plugin means if instead of choosing plugins i directly put one picture in my jar file ?

Gravatar Image42 -

Gravatar Image43 - Let me clear more.
As i understand there are 2 ways for me to deply wallpaper in my sametime client.

1. use your { Link } as a remote site.

In this method when i browse any jpg or png or gif files gives error to see local logs for more details.

2. more interested in creating my own site.xml files so i can deply to my users without proxy by deploying it in my sametime server by policy...i m aware about sametime sdk 7.5 and eclipse 3.2.2 and created some sample plugin also. if u can guide me which class files of extensions tobe used or how my plugin.xml file should look ?

Gravatar Image44 - Hello sir,

Can i have any guidance or can anyone has worked on it ?

Would be a great help for me ....

Gravatar Image45 - @44 Rushi,

One thing to remember about this plug-in is that it is free without guaranteed support. Support is provided as-is, and when time allows.

Send an email form your corporate email account (not gmail, yahoo etc.) to info@epilio.com and they will be able to sort you out with a Domino update site that you can use to deploy the plugin.

Gravatar Image46 - Hi Carl,
I need ur help in this case.Can u please help to make one thing Clear.Is it possible to customize the Javaconnect applet in sametime 7.
i want to change the properties file text and buddylist awareness color.

Wait for ur Kind Response....


Gravatar Image47 - Hi Carl, I'm using ST v 8.0.1. I followed the procedure you mentioned in an earlier post. But I couldnt install the plugin. It says "No feature found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or category". will be gre8 if its possible to install the plug in without having to use that URL. can you help me with a zip or jar file??

Gravatar Image48 - Hi Carl, I'm using ST v 8.0.1. I followed the procedure you mentioned in an earlier post. But I couldnt install the plugin. It says "No feature found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or category". will be gre8 if its possible to install the plug in without having to use that URL. can you help me with a zip or jar file??

Gravatar Image49 - Cannot install the plugin as it shows an error that the network connections caused an error.

Gravatar Image50 - @49 Did you read the other comments? Are you behind a proxy?

Gravatar Image51 - "but one problem. My graphics ONLY show up in the tiled option.
ST 8.0 client. "
I think your server have a problem

Gravatar Image52 - Carl, I tried installing the plugin offline. I put the XML in a separate folder and selected the folder through the "Add Folder Location" button in the "Install Plug In" dialog box. But when I click the "Finish" button in the "Edit Local Site" dialog box, it says "Network Connection Problems encountered during search". I do not understand what the network gotta do with this when i'm trying to install this offline Emoticon

Gravatar Image53 - @52 Did you read the other comments, are you behind a proxy?

Gravatar Image54 - I love this, and also the Google translation tool.

Is there anyway to set the translation tool to sent only the translated text, rather than the source and translation?



Gravatar Image55 - yes, I'm afraid I'm behind a proxyEmoticon . End of road??

Gravatar Image56 - for 8.5
Open C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework\rcp\plugin_customization,add:
reboot Notes,“File”>“Application”>“Install”

Gravatar Image57 - Hello

(sorry for my english, but I'm french

I have a error :

"Any function(office) finds on the selected sites. Choose a different site or a category of site."

Sorry but it's the traduction French -->English

I use Sametime Standard 8.0.1
I access to the URL ({ Link }

Can you help me ?
Emoticon Emoticon

Gravatar Image58 - Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon Emoticon

Gravatar Image59 - When I invoke te installation from SAmetime, it throws 4-5 options however the wallpaper option is missing

Gravatar Image60 - @59 you need to provide more information, at a minimum:
1. Who you are so I can reply
2. Your Sametime client and version
3. Your Operating System

Gravatar Image61 - I am using sametime 8.0 both at my office through intranet and at my Home. I could install sametime epilio plugin at my home because I have internet. But at my office, where only intranet is available no internet- we have internet but a standalone one, I could not load epilio wallpaper. Is there way out? If proxy is there.. is it not possible in any other mode?... and my 2nd Q is is Sametime 8.00 do have different skin option through plugin?

Gravatar Image62 - Thanks for sharing!Emoticon

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