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This was pretty much in line with my expectations...

I think my Grade Point Average at college brought down my nerdiness level. I saw the original post on Adeleida's blog

I am nerdier than 61% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

I am often called a nerd, but I honestly don't think I am.


Gravatar Image1 - hrm... 85

It's a college-aged geared quiz, though. Where is the "how many hours a week do you play video games" or "which of these consoles do you own?" questions?

Gravatar Image2 - hmmm. 61. are we twins ?

Gravatar Image3 - 96

oops sussed

Gravatar Image4 - Naah, it must something else Carl. I just have average GPA, and got a 99.


Gravatar Image5 - Can you guess my age - I scored 19 Does that make you proud of me Carl

Gravatar Image6 - Ok...So I'm a "Nerd Wannabe" per the test score of 36....

So I guess that explains why I married Bruce?!

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