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Does anyone use Vonage?

It looks like a great service, and I thought I would see if I could get more feedback from existing customers before I sign up. Anyone out there using the service www.vonage.com

Update: I just signed up, so I will let you all know how it is in a few days. Also if you sign up via that link, you'll get a free month of service!


Gravatar Image1 - I currently use Packet8 for only 19.95/month for unlimited calling in North America. Since the last firmware update, I have been very impressed with sound quality and features. Also, you can save $21 off of the activation fee by going to http://www.gateshare.com and read reviews for other Packet8 and Vonage users. Hope this helps.

Gravatar Image2 - Can T-Mobile Blackberry or Sidekick work with these VOIP services?
That way you could have cheap calls via cellphone using only the data stream not the cellular stream?

I am thinking of buying one of these - they are pretty cheap now:


Gravatar Image3 - Hi Carl,

I actually have had Vonage for a couple of weeks now and it works flawlessly so far for me. I've been using it to call relatives all over the place and it works great. Basically I was paying around $100 - $120 a month in phone bills and now I'll be able to drop it down to $39.99 a month. Too Cool.

Enjoy it, you really will like the service. I can't imagine that the phone companies haven't tried to get this legislated out of existance!

Take Care,

Gravatar Image4 - Did you check out http://www.skype.com ?

Gravatar Image5 - What about Packet8?
Anyone try it?

Gravatar Image6 - Yeah Skype is different, skype requires a PC and the other person to register etc. This service, uses a regular phone and provides a phone number etc and works just like a regular phone, but uses your high speed cable to connect etc.

Gravatar Image7 - thanks for sharing your thoughts, I haven’t think of this before, keep posting mate!

Excellent post.

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