Did IBM kill the iOS Sametime Client?

No, no they didn't.  They did however change it's name so you or your users may no longer find it.  Maybe you have a lot of apps on your mobile device and typed in sametime to find it, maybe you didn't have it yet and went to the apple store and searched for sametime and still didn't find it.

Yes in their usual take a gun and shoot yourself in the foot approach to products and marketing, IBM in a recent update renamed IBM Sametime to IBM Chat.  That's ok (although I actually don't think it was a smart move), what's stupid though is they didn't create an alias for the app of sametime, or as they are know in the apple app store keyword.  How hard would it be for a multi billion dollar mobile first company to add their old product name as an alias/keyword I wonder?

So if you're looking for what was IBM Sametime on your device or in the app store, search for IBM chat, don't search for just chat, or you'll have to scroll through loads of apps before you find it.