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Another addition to the Lotusphere prize pool

As many of you know, there is a great fund raising raffle going on for Lotusphere this year, ran by Matt White, Ben Poole, Mark Myers, The London Developer Co op and Gayle and Bruce Elgort.  In an effort to raise money for the very worthy cause of the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) these great folks have pooled together their resources to create and collect various great prizes that are being raffled off at UKLUG night at Lotusphere.

Personally I'm very happy that this effort doesn't involve me having to shave my head, but I still wanted to take part.  Obviously I bought a ticket so that is one way to take part, and with the creative one of prizes they have you'd be crazy not to, but I also wanted to contribute to the prizes they have available.  So this weekend I got out the sewing machine and knocked up some webcamclothing for those webcam calls that are becoming more frequent.  I'm sure you were a creative person, or worked for a company that wanted to donate cool prizes to the cause, I'm sure the great folks above wouldn't be offended if you contacted them.

So if you want to support a fantastic cause, and potentially win one of many unique prizes in return, be sure to visit Bruce Elgort's blog and buy a ticket!

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