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We're getting into my favourite time of the year

September and October are two of my favourite months in New England. The humidity breaks, but it's still warm enough to get outside and do things (sadly the mosquitos are still around). They are also great months for flying and then in October we start to see the autumn leaves, which to put it simply tend to be stunning.

Lately my back garden has turned into some kind of nature reserve, at the weekend I had about 20 wild turkies come and visit, yesterday a fox, today a red squirrel and a hummingbird! I thought you only got hummingbirds in places like Hawaii, totally cool. I am actually spoilt for nature around my house, I suppose that's what comes from living in the middle of no where. As a kid I would be thrilled to see something as simple as a rabbit or hair, now I just take them for granted. I'm not sure Jessie is too much in favour of all this wild life, she's a bit of a chicken really, if it's dark outside and she can hear stuff walking around in the trees she needs a little encouragement to go pee, I found my foot works as great encouragement, ha ha, as if I would do such a thing.

My Mum and Dad have come over for a friends wedding this weekend, so they are visiting for a few weeks (yes it does feel like they were only just here, I suppose I should appreciate them whilst they're around though and they are excellent slaves, yeah I know they're reading this so I better be nice, love you both honest), fortunately the house is big enough that they can stay in one end whilst I stay in the other and we just share the bathroom, there's only so much Wheel of Fortune a guy can take you know. Anyway, the point of this is that my Mum and Dad can try and snap a few photos of things that move about and I'll post them to my flickr account.

The weather also makes for great flying days, blue skies, cool dense air, my Dad isn't really too keen on flying with me, he especially doesn't like it if I pull tight turns and do zero G stuff, but I find it much more fun with company, so I'm sure I'll convince him to go up again. I'll have to find somewhere interesting to take him.


Gravatar Image1 - We have hummingbirds like you have mosquitoes here in Southern Maryland. You have to duck if you stay on the deck too long and sit over by the hummingbird feeder. They are a treat, but are VERY territorial/defensive toward other hummingbirds. They also make the cutest little squeaky noises when they are pissed off at each other. My mon had them up in Northern Michigan too. The first time I decided to put out a feeder here, she said keep an eye on it and change her food every couple of days to keep it fresh and eventually they will find it. Well, it took 15 mins and I had them at my feeder. The real trick is keeping the ants away.

My wife is from MA, so I always hear it about the fall colors. I imagine they are even better from the air.

Gravatar Image2 - If the dates worked out, I know a nice island in Maine that you, Jessie and your dad could use as an excuse for a plane ride -assuming you will not be shot on site for buzzing it (trim any tree tops?) so mercilessly last month!

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