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Forget all the Sametime announcements.

The good news is that my new visa got approved yesterday. No need to sell the house just yet, well not until March 2009.

Many thanks to all those that wrote reference letters, I really do appreciate it.


Gravatar Image1 - That's great news!

Gravatar Image2 - Congratulations - glad you'll be sticking around :)

Gravatar Image3 - That is great news. Congratulations Carl.

Gravatar Image4 - Hurrah! I was worried you might be coming back

Gravatar Image5 - Congratulations, there's nothing better then receiving that letter from USCIS.

Gravatar Image6 - You needed reference letters? I didn't even know. Seriously.... in 2009...

To whom it may concern,

Okay, I ain't playin'. Carl needs to stay. Seriously. I have picture of [insert current president here] in a very compromising position, and I'd hate to see those end up at the Enquirer. I'm not threating... I'm just sayin, that would be unfortunate.

Let's not test this Mutually Assured Destruction theory, okay?

--- signed

The Notes Thirteen 37.

Gravatar Image7 - Glad to hear it. I need by golf and Chinese food buddy.

Gravatar Image8 - Excellent news Carl! When are flying out West again?

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