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iPad 2.0 Rumours confirmed...

Yes, it's true, iPad rumours are confirmed as journalists and magazines writing shit to get hits on their websites.  So following the same trend of using non-reliable sources of information, here are some of the things that will happen to the iPad 2

1. The iPad two will have no screen, in the same way that apple remove CD-ROM drives from computers, apple has decided the iPad does not need a screen. Apple software on the iPad 2 is so intuitive and intelligent, it knows what you want before you want it, and just goes and does it.

2. it will be possible to charge the iPad 2 through static electricity.   There will be a new 3rd party market for nylon iPad 2 cases and iPad 2 nylon gloves.  By rubbing the device with the nylon glove you will be able to charge the iPad.  After approximately 10 hours of rubbing the device, it will be fully charged.

3. The iPad2 will have 13 cameras.  Everyone else already has 2, apple wants more. With 13 cameras you won'' miss any of the action.

4. The iPad 2 will come in two models, one for women and one for men, the male version will come with a free razor and iShave application. Using the iPads camera to show the mans face, men will be able to now shave  wirelessly in Starbucks with their iPhone.  The female version will come with an adapter that allows women to clip their iPads onto their cars sun visor, so the ipad can be used as a mirror, and an apple makeup kit consisting of pastel colours.


Gravatar Image1 - I read that the iPad 2 will have an umbilical cord connected back to Coopertino because Steve does not trust his infantile consumers to do the right thing.

Gravatar Image2 - Mothers all over the world will be saying, "If you keep rubbing that iPad, your gonna go blind!". Emoticon

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