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How is the world's smallest Sametime server doing?


Well I have to say it's been doing pretty well.  I removed Centos 5 and installed Windows 2003 server to see how it peformed and that was also good.  Memory wise, after installing just the OS there is very little difference between the memory usage of Linux and Windows 2003.  I also have the advantage with Windows of being familiar with it, and understanding what I'm doing most of the time.

I installed Domino 8 and Sametime 8 with no problems.  Since then I've been trying different loads with Server.load, if ever a product needed some better documentation and updated UI, it's Server.load.

This screenshot shows the CPU and memory usage with 500 users logged in chatting with each other.
500 Users chatting

This screenshot shows the CPU and memory usage with 1000 users logged in chatting with each other.
1000 Sametime users

As you can see, Sametime IM is really efficient.  I hope to try and find out at which number for just IMs the box can't handle anymore.


Gravatar Image1 - Looking at your photo on Flickr, I also notice the photo prior, showing IBM using LIVEperson to perform chats. I find that incrediouls, irresponsible, and it gives me the impression that IBM does not believe in it's own product.

If IBM won't use Sametime, why should we?

FYI - I'm a Domino admin, and developer. We use Sametime for our IM needs right now.

Gravatar Image2 - In the two system monitor screenshots, the memory is at 1.1GB and 1.13GB respectively. This implies it is starting to swap. At what point does the memory really go up and page swapping become an issue ?

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