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Sametime integration with Microsoft Outlook/Office

IBM has posted a nice demonstration video of the integration between Sametiem and Microsoft Outlook/Office.

Visit this URL and you'll bypass all the registration rubbish.
If you want the Non-Flash version you can get it here

It's either a very slow site or very popular video (I'm going with the first choice).

One thing I was impressed by in the video is the person managed to get the schedule sametime meeting feature working in Sametime, with lots of trying I haven't managed to get that tab to appear, also their Outlook toolbar looks different to mine, remember I mentioned a strange cross that appears in mine, well theirs has a status drop down in that spot.
Sametime Outlook Integration

If you use this integration, how does it look on your machine?


Gravatar Image1 - Hi Carl,

Do you have a link where i can download the sametime client? This ibm site sucks and my sametime server doesn't have the client installation files available on it.

- Phanee

Gravatar Image2 - Hello,

How are you going, i have the version 8.5 of sametime, do you know if it is possible to do that kind of integration.

To my email please.

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